Saturday, August 12, 2017


Super Saturday in the Sand

Started at Lost Colony. Had scheduled a family plan lesson and when I got there found it was a memorial celebration for a family and just to entertain the kids. So I switched it up a bit and came up with a super castle. The younger ones built pancake stacks and the older ones built taller using forms. Great job and great castle. 

Port Royal was really fun today. Mix of past students and new students.

This group did this last year at the end of the lesson. the girl on the right was really good at stacking sand. She brought some of her own tools today and was waiting for me when I got their. They all did a great job.

These sand-sculptors got a Can You Dig It sand tool and video kit for Christmas and had already built this cool castle before the lesson. Great Job. Matt Long would be pleased.


Sandollar sity was the site for this castle. Teamwork was their middle name. Nice towers gang!

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