Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Curious Day on the Beach

This castle was still standing at El Cortez.

My 10 am lesson was a no show, so I went back home to check on my cat, Cazador Pollo. Then to Cinnamon Shore for my 1 pm lesson. I worked on my demonstration and people started carving. I got on my third demonstration and it started sprinkling.

This young student didn't want to leave when it started raining. I packed up to leave at 4 pm and her family was just getting back to the beach. I left her some carving tools and she to work on a new castle.

The next images are of some of the castles being built before it started raining.

My last lesson of the day got rained out.

Great day on the beach still.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Beautiful Day on the Beach

Saw this guy this morning waiting on my first lessons.

A family staying at El Cortez were interested in building a better sandcastle. Lots of talent in this family.

Then to the Mayan Princess for a team building contest.

Lots of fun here.


This was another really fun castle. Two very creative grand-kids. This was at Gulf Waters RV.

Found a tower garden growing at Cinnamon Shore on the way home.

The beach is awesome.

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