Friday, May 31, 2019


Cinnamon Shore Came Alive with Castles

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Great Fun in the Summer

Ok, so it isn't summer yet. Still summer is in the air in Port Aransas, Texas.Started at beach marker 15. If you have grandparents, you would want to have grandparents like these. If you have grandkids, you would want to have these two as grandkids. The wind was blowing like mad and we still had fun. Just look at their castle.

Next was Cinnamon Shore Fun. Lots of folks turned out to build a forest of towers.Cinnamon Shore gets to be more fun as the years go by. Some of today's students have had as many as 20 lessons with me. Lots going on at Cinnamon Shore today.

Sandballs  awesome!!!!!!

This girl is great. love the sandballs.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


And the Castles Keep Coming to the Beach.

Started out at Beach Marker 19 and eight students that couldn't stop making the castles. This group had imagination and knew how to have fun on the beach. 
Then I moved to Lost Colony where a family group built a super castle by the sea.
Thank you all for playing in the sand today.

Monday, May 27, 2019


Fun in the Sand on Memorial Day

Starting with a photo of the birthday castle I did the other day for a girl's 1st birthday. that was texted to me. Such a great picture. Loved doing this for her.

Then a morning castle at Bob Hall Pier. What a great castle. This family caught on fast. Look at those fabulous towers.

Then a trip to Cinnamon Shore and some first timers and some past students building great towers on the beach.

The last lesson of the day was a great group of kids. So much fun playing in the sand with them. This lesson was at Palmilla Beach Resort. Great castle gang!!

Birthday Castle

Cinnamon Shore

This man took a lesson and taught his wife. What a great tower.

I tell the kids that if they know what they are doing and have my lesson before to grab the tools and go to town on the castle building. They are still so polite. They always ask if it is ok. Great kids.

Loved this guys vision. He is a go big or go home kinda guy.

Had a great time teaching this group, they were great fun. Had something on the camera lens, ratz.

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