Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Sand News: Port A Kiwanis Run, SandFest

Just a note the Port A Kiwanis Run will be on Feb 25th by Horace Caldwell Pier. The Port A Sand Guy will be out there helping kids build a better sand castle. (Weather Permitting)

SandFest this year is April 7,8,9. I will be in the Master's Duo competition with my College buddy, Roger Logan. Look for more info soon.

Check out my website updates they are starting to gel about now. http://sandrum.com

Friday, February 03, 2006


Whooping Cranes

Sorry I haven't been on all week but have been a pretty busy boy.

Hey we know March in Port A we will have a fundraiser for ARK, but what are you going to do in February?
Celebrate the Whooping Cranes and other Birds of course!

This years festival will be held from Feb. 24th through the 26th and promises to "whoop it up" better than ever.

Once at a low of only fifteen Whooping Cranes in 1941, this most endangered of the 15 crane species in the world has struggled back to its current population of over 465.

SAND NEWS: I have signed up to be in the master's duo competition at Sand Fest in April. I will be joined in the sand by my college buddy, Roger Logan, to transform the beach into something truly amazing. Keep checking back for updates.

Also My new website will be unveiled soon. ((((((almost there))))))

See ya in the SAND!

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