Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Happy Sand Sculptors

Just had to get this one up. The parents of this group of happy Sand Sculptors sent this picture in to me from this weekend. They built this happy crab after I left the lesson. This is the group that built the Castle below this post. Hope they come back for SandFest 2008, they are talented.

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Memorial day weekend part 1

You can click any of these images and view a larger size then click your back button to return.
I posted five more pictures from this group in the blog below this one.
This was a rainy seaweedy Memorial day. I had to cancel several lessons and had a few no shows or couldn't find on the beach this year. Sorry for those that got rained out but try again on your next trip to Port Aransas, Texas. Try August or September, less seaweed that time of year. Also for those that got lessons and I didn't get any pictures please send them to me at and I will get them posted here or on my lessons 2007 page on my website. I was finally able to get batteries and went back to get pictures of this one group. Wish I could of actually gotten the kids and parents in a photo. They were a fun bunch and very talented.


Memorial Day Weekend

Mr. Frog with no front legs

scan of Castle. I like how they connected

the towers with walls.

Close up. The oldest girl in this group showed some talent. I really hope they enter in the SandFest next April 18 - April 20, 2008 . They were a great group and full of fun.

A snowman wow!!!!!!

Close up of the oldest girls castle from the inside of the castle.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Start of a fun Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Click on image to view a larger image, then click your back button to return. As happens a lot of times in Sand Sculpting the pictures don't always show the quality of work done. This little girl's family was busy building Sandcastles and she watched me make a turtle in the sand. Next time I turn around she had made a perfect turtle all by herself. She is only 4 years old. Imagine what she could do with a couple of SandFest contest under her belt.
The turtle from the head end. Dad looks on.
This was a fun group from Austin and Houston. They gathered on the beach on a Thursday Evening and made Sandcastles before sunset. Then they were off for a Fish Fry. Man nothing like being in Port Aransas and having fun in the sand and the surf.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Cover of Texas Monthly

Check out the June Texas Monthly. Walter and Sandy Feet have a castle on the front cover.
Sandy Feet:

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Port Aransas Sunrise

Had to share this picture my friend Roger Logan took of a Sunrise on Port Aransas beach. He took this one morning during SandFest 2007.

Hope to see you in the Sand over the Memorial Day weekend. The Port A Sandcastle Guy will be all over the island helping people build a better Sandcastle.

Still working on getting my online store up and posting my friend Roger Logan's SandFest pictures. Soon, I am on Island Time now.

See Ya In The Sand!!!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007



Went out this weekend to practice a piece I am doing at the end of the month. a sun and a moon.

I am suppose to do a wedding and the sun is the groom and the moon is the bride. Not sure I can do it though. still do not have pics of the bride and groom and sun and moons are more cartoonish than real.

I did this sun based on a work that Vern Cooley did. I didn't add any detail but it did come out better than I thought it would. I also did a moon in a quarter shape that looked pretty good but did not get a photo of it.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


SandFest Pics on the Web

I got my website updated

See SandFest pictures here: SandFest 2007

Also visit Katsy Joiner's picture site: Katsy's SandFest 2007

The official SandFest Website has pictures and information and coming soon the photo contest pictures: Official SandFest Site

Also if you haven't been to Port A Now to see the Port A webcams check it out now: Port A Now

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