Saturday, January 28, 2006


Scout Master and Port A Music Studio

Pretty good day today. Woke up and worked on taxes for various businesses and organizations then cruised over to Rockport, Texas.

My Scout Master and His Wife are Winter Texans and live in an RV Park in Fulton. I was in Troop 162 of the 29th and Yale Church of Christ in Tulsa Oklahoma in the late 60s and early 70s. It has been great seeing the Reynolds again after all of these years. We had dinner at Fins in Port Aransas a few weekends ago and this weekend we went to Charlotte Plumber's Seafare Restaurant in Rockport. In February My folks will be coming in from Houston (My Dad was my second Scoutmaster) to visit the Reynolds and there is no telling where we will be eating then. I think we need to have at least one cook out with some Dutch oven cooking, just like the good old days.

After a great meal and some fun visiting I went back to Port Aransas to the Music Studio to hear Tracie Lynn.
It was a great show and as always a very entertaining evening. You really have to experience one of these music sessions to realize how much fun it is. It is like sitting in your living room with a live band. During the break you go out to an outdoor kitchen and have snacks and beverages and talk to the musicians. Most of them are from Austin and are very good song writers. If you are ever in Port A when one of these sessions is on, don't you dare miss it.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Spring for the ARK

Just got this in the mail today. The Second Annual SPRING for the ARK event. Be sure and mark your calendars for this fun event. I will be auctioning off a lesson/photo-op/name in sand opportunity.

ARK--Animal Rehabilitation Keep. The largest rehabilitation facility on the Texas Coast. The ARK relies on donations to support its operating expenses, and on an essential corps of volunteers. The University of Texas Marine Science Institute provides the land, utilities and some maintenance.

Will have more about this when it gets closer to March.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


This photo was taken at the Parrot Head's End of Summer fund raiser last year. A Parrot "Head" in a hot tub. Check out the Lost Pirates of the Coastal Bend Parrot Head Club website here.

Started the day off at Kiko's Mexican Food Restaurant in Corpus Christi today. Our Six Points Optimist Club meets every Thursday Morning at 7am.

Had a long hectic day of book keeping at Eagle Automation and Covenant Data Systems. Then I went home to complete 2005 books for Child Evangelism Fellowship of the Coastal Bend. ARRRGGHHH! I need some Sand Castle Time.

Good news for the two companies I work for: They are busy and growing. That makes the hectic days very worthwhile.

See ya in the sand.

Mark the Port A Sand Guy

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Whatz up

I am finally getting the hang of this blogging thing. Pretty cool stuff. While this blog is primarily about Sand Castles and Sand Sculpting, I will be inserting blogs about things that are near and dear to me from time to time.

Like my Cats: Tweeny and Manny. They are under-inflated government workers working in over-inflated government jobs. I named them from Mark Time .

I am half way through page one of my website update. Trying to get it set up in time for Tourist Season in Port Aransas, Texas. Also busy working on getting a sand box up at the Visitor's Center in Port A. Can hardly stand the wait. Please Sand Castle Season don't be late. Went to Providence REC tonight where a study of Hebrews has just started. Fascinating book. I was told once that God's word commanded that men should make coffee, and the Women shouldn't make coffee, .......HE BREWS....bah dah bing gah.

Well more tomorrow. Got to work on the Web site now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


New Year's Day I met some Sand Friends on the Beach at New Port Pass on Mustang Island and started the New Year with a Sand Castle and a Cheer! Posted by Picasa


2006 is Sand Castle time Posted by Picasa

2006 is Sand Castle Time Posted by Picasa


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