Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last Day Of August.....Great Castle Day

Ahhh an evening castle.....Great towers and walls The treasury is gleefully guarded by the King!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Saturday Of Labor Day Weekend

Great start to a labor day weekend. Look at these towers:
Thanks for the fun today.
Check out the next post to see more of this castle


Later That Day

Be sure and check out Thursday's lesson below....They sent me some pics to post.....Great fun.

Drove by Port Royal on the way home and saw these additions to this morning's Sandcastle:

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Friday, August 29, 2008


Start Of Labor Day

The beach seems empty with all the kids back in school. Just had to build a castle while at the Port Royal tonight. Had a shovel and a plastic ware knife and about one hour. Here is the result.

Sandcastle critics:

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Saturday At Magee Beach

This is the crew that built a better sandcastle: This is the group plus the peanut gallery:
Had to get a shot of the back side....Great Castle!
The beach was just saturated from rain but we still managed to keep the towers from melting into the ground.


Friday, August 22, 2008


Friday Castles In The Rain

The first castle of the day. Great Towers! It really rained a few hours after this lesson but, it was still standing around 4PM (survived the rain).

This group braved the rain till the stacks started melting. Never fear! We broke for awhile and finished a few hours later. Ta Dah!
Great Job!!!!!!



Thursday castle

Repeat after me...I...state your name...promise to have others have fun...and unlitter! Castle of friends
The artist at work
Hey Maw....look what we did!
Great castle

Port A Sandcastle Guy was busy taking care of business in Corpus Christi today. Did have one great lesson in Port A in the afternoon. Cameron battery dead! Spare batteries given to a sculptor in need two days ago. What a pickle! The new sculptors promised a pic via email so lets hope we can get it posted. Have two castles scheduled for Friday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Great Day For Sandcastles I

Started the day at Access Road 1A with a family castle. Had to get pics from both sides. They were a great family. This is a great castle!

This was a lesson in front of La Mirage Condominiums. These kids were born "sand-stackers" and tower carvers. Mom impressed everyone with a serpent like dragon. COOL!

Closer look at dragon:


Great Day For Sandcastles II

This is a second lesson for this group. They really had the hand stacking down and made beautiful castles. Dad brought his own tools, very detail oriented. Great Sandcastle!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Fun early morning sandcastle. Woke up this morning half expecting the beach to be too saturated to build castles. That wasn't the case, look at what this castle building family built. Towers everywhere. Great Job! Happy Castling

This group got rained out last night but returned this morning to build a beautiful castle.
The challenge isn't so much the rain but the ground being so saturated that your castle melts into the place for excess water to drain out. Silly face time!


Monday, August 18, 2008


Stormy Monday Sandcastles I

First Castle of the day. Aransas Princes beach saw sandcastles spring up all day. THIS WAS THE FIRST!

This family battled the rains to build a beautiful castle. They brought some great carving tools and continued to add on after the lesson.

This was their castle after the storm started moving in. They came back after lunch and started carving again. GREAT!!!!

Another family plays in the rain. Building sandcastles and playing in the rain...what a fun day! We got the next two photos just before the sky opened up on us. The beach was pretty saturated after the rain and the last castle of the day had to be postponed.

This turned out to be another great day in PARADISE. Three great families and the next section shows what treasures you can find on the beach: Cub pack castle...still stands; Sandcastle students building on the beach.



Stormy Monday Sandcastles II

Looked out on the beach this morning and saw the Cub Pack's castle still standing tall. Thought they might want to see their work survived the night.

Also ran in to my two new Sandcastle friends Kathy and Sandy.
Look at the cut through on the bell tower.
Great work! Great fun! Hope to see them at SandFest!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sunday Sandcastles In August I

Cub Pack builds a better sandcastle. Dad's join in the fun. Checking it out.
get ready for the picture
Looking good.....
1...2...3... Silly face..............
Great! Thank you Scouts!

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