Monday, June 30, 2014


The Last Sand-castles of June

Started with a family plan at Marker 17. These guys were awesome.

Then to Cinnamon Shore and lots of fun. Found these already built on the beach.

These guys built lots of castles and rockets.

This girl had several collapses then must of built six different towers today.

This boy brought his own tools and was very good at carving. He took a lesson a few weeks ago and got hooked. He is responsible for the three towers I found when I arrived. His stairs are fantastick.

This mom saw the demonstration and got hooked herself. Way to go!

Look at this tall tower.

Then this fun group at Marker 9. This group was from Oklahoma.

Hope July is just as exciting as June was.
Thank you for the fun.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Sunday in the Sand

Started the family fun at Marker 19. Really great family. I think Mom had the most fun. They all had great towers. The oldest boy got a "TIMBER", then went on to work with Dad on his tower.

Then to Marker 6 with a second lesson for this crew. These kids are fun!!!!!! They remembered a lot from  last year. Great group of students. Hope to see you again, in the sand.

Another fun day in the sand on Mustang Island.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Girl Scouts to Boy Scouts Today

Started the day at Marker 1 with Girl Scouts.

The water was a mess with dead seaweed. The leaders were very organized, and took over straining seaweed out of the buckets so the girls could focus on stacking and carving.

Came out fantastic.

On the way to my next stop I saw this student from Wednesday carving on the beach at Cinnamon Shore.

Next stop...Port Royal Beach.

Marker 68.

Automatic Teller Machine?
Wait in Texas that means...Texas A & M.

Then Cub Scouts at Whitecap Beach on North Padre Island.

Great day on the beach.

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