Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This Was A Great Day On The Island

Started the day at the Seagull Condominiums with these students. Three brand new and three second time students.
I should of got a shot of the other side. Lots of work on both sides. Still lots to finish. These guys were fun.

Then on to Port Royal for my next two classes.

This was a second lesson for a few of these students but a first for most. What a great bunch of people. These guys are all about having fun on the beach. Great seeing you again. Thank you for playing in the sand.

Lesson two at Port Royal was with two cousins. Boy, were they fun to play in the sand with. Just look at these towers.

Ta Dahhhhhhhhh

Then to Pioneer RV park for the final lesson of the day.

Almost missed this group. (Really need to do that laundry sometime.) When I got there I realized the three on the right have had lessons before. I have also caught them building sand castles on the beach before. They are awesome. Their friend had his first experience today and was just as talented. I was so happy to see them and to learn they remember so much of the lesson.
Ta Dahhhhh.

Check out the arches on this castle. This is one of the very best castles of the year.

On the way home I saw some of my students from yesterday just walking down the beach. Mustang Island is a great place to stay and play.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Sand Castles, UFOs, and Dunes Condominiums

The second lesson of the day was at Marker 20 with this fun group of students.

Spotted some UFOs on my way to the Dunes Condominums for my next lesson.

This was a second lesson for some of these students and they remembered a lot from their first lesson. This class was held on the beach at the Dunes Condominums.

What a fun day in Port 'A'.


Watertable Sand Castles At Port Royal

Started the day at Port Royal Ocean Resort. Free lessons for guests between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Port Royal All Day Today

Port Royal Ocean Resort all day today.
First lesson was for two students wanting to learn how to make a real sand castle.

Ta Dahhhhh a real sand castle.

A second lesson for this family.

Nice towers!

The flip side.

My friends from Austin still at work play on the  beach.

Next a bride-to-be's day on the beach.

Students from Austin built a young Octopus.

Then the days work on Port Royal Beach.

Great day on the beach. It is back to the Port Royal Beach in the morning for watertable castles.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Port Aransas Sand Castles Galore

What a great group at Avenue G.
Lots going on in this castle.

Then to Marker 9 for this fun family. These guys were great students.

Great ta dah/silly face

Then to marker 16 for a fun birthday party.

Happy Birthday David!

What a great day.

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