Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Free Sand Castle Lessons this Saturday

Hey serious sculptors,

This weekend on Port A Beach at Lesson Mountain a team of Sand Sculptors will be giving free lessons to promote the SandFest on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of April.

Visit the SandFest site HERE.

Read the Newsletter HERE.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Spring 2006 Weekend Sand Castle Warriors

This weekend was a Sand Castle weekend at the beach! here are some pictures Taken by my friend Jack of First time in the Sand Guy, Larry.

Here is another view of castle student, Tiffany's Castle, and a fish I threw in real quick for the spring breakers out there in Sand Land.

If any of my students of March 18th or 19th have any pictures they wish to share please email them to: mark@sandrum.com .



SandFest Sponsor and Port A Kiwanis 5K kids

The last week of February the Port Aransas Kiwanis 5K run gave me a photo op with a poster from my SandFest Sponsor Mark Grosse Real Estate.

When the kids were through running they came to the kids tent for FREE sand castle lessons. This photo from the island page of the Port Aransas South Jetty Newspaper was taken by Phil Reynolds.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Landrum Reynolds

Okay, just got photo CD back from HEB. will post some pics daily this week.

Remember when my First Scoutmaster was in Town? This is the meeting of my first and second Scoutmasters.

Mark, Mom, Pat Reynolds, Dad (second Scoutmaster), Mr. Reynolds (First Scoutmaster) Taken at the Big Fisherman.

This is a picture of Ice Box Vultures. Very common around supper time in these parts:

Tweeny and Manny.

Look for more tomorrow. I am putting my SandFest sponsor up with a link to their site.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship

Tonight on the Travel Chanel: Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship

tonight at 6pm and future airings:
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 12 10:00pm
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 15 05:00pm
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 15 06:00pm
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 19 02:00pm
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 19 03:00pm
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 23 03:00pm
Sand Blasters, TRAV Mar 23 04:00pm

My fellow sand shaper, Sandy Feet has posted this on her blog: Sandy Feet

Click on the following links for more info:

global sand


travel channel

It is Sand Castle to the extreme!!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Spring Break

Spring Break is in Full Swing in the Coastal Bend. Gave Sand Castle lessons today to some visitors from the Dallas area. Got to Port A from Corpus Christi just in time. By that I mean no traffic. On the way home it was bumper to bumper from newport pass back to the bridge. Think I could do without the beach if I had to sit in that traffic. I had no traffic heading back into town.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


March Beach and Spring Break

Man this was a great day today. Went to the beach at Newport Pass, built a sand castle with friends and watched the waves. It is great living so close to the beach and being a sand castle guy. I will post pictures of the castle as soon as they develope.

Had several military approach the castle and ask questions about it. I tell you I get wound up when I talk to these guys. Just knowing they volunteer to help make us secure and that they put their lives on the line so we can continue to enjoy our way of life it just makes me proud to be an American.

Had dinner at the Island Italian Restaurant with my friend Terri and her two friends (my friends now too). Great time!!!!!

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