Saturday, August 27, 2016


What a Great Day in the Sand

Boy, this was a day to be outside. So much fun on the beach, glad I was there and part of it.

We started at the Padre Island National Seashore. The sky was putting on a fantastic show and the water was green and clean.

These two were waiting for me to arrive. A turtle!!!!!! Thank you for playing in the sand.

This sand-sculptor is hooked! I hope to see more of her on the beach. Great job.

This group was so much fun. Caught on quick and built a great castle.

Another fun group.

These two were so much fun. Even bestowed a juicy slice of watermelon on the Port Aransas Sandcastle Guy.


When they finally figured out how to do the pancakes its was: "Oh Yeah!!!!"

She used her own tool. Way to go.


One of my dear friends and I didn't even recognize her. Felt so bad. For some reason she stays young and doesn't age like the rest of us.

This guy helped me haul equipment to the beach. He was ready to carve a seahorse. Very talented. Hope to see more of him in the future. Such a fun sand-sculptor.

This group is new to the area and I found out they are big Marlin fans. See you all soon. Go Blue.

A couple of my favorites, nice castle.

Cinnamon Shore the fun continues.

Nice stack of pancakes.

Great start.

Nice tower.

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