Sunday, June 25, 2006


Port A News

This was the last day of the Chamber Sandbox. Vandals kept knocking the castle over. It is a shame that a few people can ruin a good thing for this island community and the people who come to enjoy it's treasures.

This weekend has been a beautiful weekend and great for making castles and dreams in the sand. Had several visitor's come to play in the sand this weekend and what fun they had. It is amazing at what people can do with just a little instruction and a few hours on the beach.

I am posting some of my students and their castles on my website at

The fourth of July weekend I will not be available for lessons but you can find me on the beach and Ave. G on Saturday the 1st celebrating my 50th birthday in the Sand. Come on out and help me build beach dreams that last a life time.

See ya in the Sand,

Mark, the Port A Sand Guy

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Phone Messages deleted

Would the ladies that saw my ad and called today about lessons tomorrow please give me another call. My phone fritzed out on me and deleted your message. I have a new phone and am ready to receive sand castle calls again. Hope you see this post and hope you understand.


Monday, June 12, 2006


On the Road with the Port A Sand Guy

WOW!!!Just got back from Sand In The City in Omaha, Nebraska.

This event benefited Nebraska Children's Home Society Foundation. They created a special website just for this event. Click here to see it. Pictures of all of the sculptures will be posted this week on the Port A Sand Guy's website. Here they are!!!!

This is a Sand In The City event and is to raise money and awareness for the Nebraska Children's Home Society Foundation. They invite professional sand sculptor's from all over to help coach teams and work on a demonstration sculpt. This year we did a zoo train. It is pictured here not yet complete. I also posted a picture below of the sculptor's that came to help out.

Greg Mills, Bert Adams, Kathy Mills, Mark Landrum, Mark Chapman, Kurt Rader

When in Omaha check out the River City Star. Click here for all of the pics.

This weekend the Port A Sand Guy will be in Port Aransas working on the Port A Chamber Sand Box. Come out and watch and ask me how do you build a better Sand Castle?

Click here for all of the pics

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tall ship came through today

The Colombian Tall Ship A.R.C. Gloria will sail through the jetties at Port Aransas on Tuesday morning, June 6, en route to the Port of Corpus Christi.

You can go to the South Jetty for all of the news.

No sand castle lessons this weekend. The Port A Sand Guy will be in Omaha, Nebraska checking out the corn. Actually I will be playing in the sand with Bert Adams and the Sand in The City Crew.

This will be my second year for Sand in the City. If you ever get invited to one of these....GO. Man are they fun and you get to help a bunch of people have fun in the sand. Oh yes you get to help a charity out as well.

Hey we will see you in the sand!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Port A Visitor's Center

Will be working in Port Aransas at the Visitor's Center this afternoon. If you are driving about stop by and say Hi!

Mark the Port A Sand Guy.

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