Friday, June 30, 2017


Fun in the Sun

Some really great talent today. Gearing up for a busy Independence Day Weekend.

Met this group on the beach at Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resorts.
This castle was definitely a team effort. So much fun poured into this castle.

Love this picture

Cinnamon Shore was a bit thin today. The ones that did play were very excited once they saw how to stack and carve the sand.

So upset that this was so out of focus. This castle builder was so excited about learning the methods of the masters. She said she was the one in the family that loved to build sandcastles. She was very happy to discover the secrets.

Wanted to build one just like mine.

Loved these two.

I found this group building drizzle castles and I asked them to come watch my demonstration. Wow, they got excited. Their plans changed and they had to run inside before they got a chance to try it. Ratz. 

Ta Dahhhhhh

Was building a man and giving demonstrations under an ez-up. The wind pulled the stakes up and bam, knock his head off. Well, there will be more sand days to come.

Last group of the day at Cinnamon Shore.

Another great group on North Padre Island. One of my favorite stretches of beach, Whitecap Beach.
Monster Towers!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Mustang Island was Sandcastle Headquarters Today

Started the day at Sandpiper and a surprise for a sandcastle guy. Great tower. Even a mushroom tower with winding staircase cropped up.

Then to Port Royal Ocean Resort. Met a friend's family on the beach and built a huge castles.

Then a second lesson at Port Royal. Two sisters built this awesome tower. Two really fun castle builders.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Sharing Sandcastle Skills

These kids just wanted a large sandcastle.

Cinnamon Shore was fun today. Sandcastles in the showers.

These girls have probably had more castles displayed on the Port Aransas Sandcastle Guy's blog and Facebook page than any other people. They love making things in the sand.

So many more played in the sand today at Cinnamon Shore, just didn't get their picture. Oh well, next time.

Birthday party at the Parking Lot on Windward Drive. This was a large group and so much fun. Lots of action in this castle.

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