Monday, July 31, 2017


Monday is Fun Day

Beach Marker 0 and a fun family castle.

Cinnamon Shore  was full of castle fun.

These two stayed with me all day.

Brought their own buckets and tools.

This girl took to pancake stacking and carving. Look forward to seeing what she carves next.

Beach Marker 26 and a group from New Mexico that were really into sandcastles. Bet they build some great castles tomorrow.

Sunday, July 30, 2017


Sunday is Hot, the Castles are Hotter

Sandcastle Condominiums was the site of a really big castle today.

Met a couple of Daisy Scouts at the Mustang Island State Park for a Quick and Easy Lesson.

Island house sandcastle fun. What a great group.

Michelle Kittle took a few pictures and posted them on Facebook. Here they are.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Summer Sandcastle Smiles

Birthday girl at Beach Markers 27 and 28. So excited about this family discovering the joys of stacking and carving sand. This was sandcastle fun.

Port Royal was a blast today. Lots of new students, and one group that have had several lessons with me. Castles were built and smiles were created.

Building a church.

This group has had lessons before. What a great beach day.

The church completed.

The turtle. Wish I had a picture of this group. They came out ready to learn and do.


Sweetest girl built this and they went to the pool before I could get her picture. Great tower.

Great sandcastle guy and gal. Thank you for playing in the sand with me today.

Contest between the younger generation and the previous generation.

These two came out at the end of the session, and wow, they were great sandcastle guys.

May your sand stand! You guys are great.

My new sandcastle friend.


Love this picture. Come back next year and hit the beach earlier, we'll build them even bigger.

These two were awesome.

I was getting down to the last few minutes and this young girl walked up and ask for some help with stairs. How could I resist. Sure I will help. We got her some stairs and a door. May your sand stand.

Pack 259, this is a wild group. The older cubs have been doing this for several years and are really getting good at this. I work with several packs and I love them all. This group is one of my earliest Scout groups and I look forward to seeing them every year.

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