Thursday, July 18, 2019


Family Fun Day on Mustang Island

Fun group at Beach Marker 29. Very talented students, super castle.
Then Beach Marker 31 and a super excited family lesson. Again, lots of talent in this group.
Then to Palmilla Resort and another great family fun castle. These folks really put some heart in this castle. Everyone contributed.
Ave G and the beach and a quick family vacation celebration. Thank you all for playing in the sand today.

Beach Marker 29

Beach Marker 31

Palmilla Resort

Ave G and the Beach

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


A Day for Princess Towers

Started at Gulfstream Condominiums on North Padre Island and a Princes tower for a princess. Lots of help from the King and the father of the King. Sweet castle.
Then to Cinnamon Shore. I didn't get a lot of pictures today but got lots of castles built.
Then to beach markers 4 and 5 for a four princess castle. Great day in the sand.

Gulfstream Condominiums

Cinnamon Shore

Beach Markers 4 and 5

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


A Full Day of Towers, Castles, and Beach Fun

Started at Bob Hall Pier and Church Camp Team Building Contest Palooza. 
Next a former student builds at Sea Gull Condominiums. 
Then Beach Marker 29 and a fun F.amily Plan Lesson. 
Beach Lodge and a very active castle Great castle folks.
 Spider Lilies in bloom.

Team building

Sea Gull Condominiums

Beach Marker 29

Beach Marker 9

Spider Lilies

Monday, July 15, 2019


Monday in the Sand

Former student stacks the pancakes tall!!! 
Then a really fun family sandcastle. Beach Marker 1 and the water was very inviting. 
Then Cinnamon Shore and towers galore. This time castles were made. 
Quick and Easy lesson at Beach Marker 17. Two young students starting their sandcastle careers the right way.

Cinnamon Shore

Quick and Easy

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