Monday, June 26, 2017


Family Memories Built on the Beach Today.

So happy that I get to be a part of building family memories with so many wonderful people.

Started the morning in my backyard, Beach Marker G. Family beach camp and lots of talent. Worked all day to build a super castle.

Cinnamon Shore was a blast today. Many second and third timers. Learning more each visit.

Already started before the demo. Going large.

Go big or go home.

looking for the snowman.

Having fun, and helping others have fun.

Sandcastle fame.

Sandy looking snowman. These two will soon learn South Texas Snowballs.

Her crew hit the surf, so she may take credit for all work done. :-)

Tee Pee.

Second time sandcastle man, great job!!!

Sandcastle smiles.


Mayan Princess and some sweet sandcastle memories.

Such great personalities in this group, all shown in the towers.

Got a kick out of the older girls, they were great. The young girl stayed with us off and on and she was full of questions. The only boy in the group had such an imagination. Thank you all for the fun end to a great day.

Great day in the sand.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Beautiful Day on the Beach

Woke up to this beautiful sunrise.

Early morning sandcastle contest. Raced up to Whataburger for an early breakfast and then to check the beach before this groups arrival. Pulled up in Whataburger's parking lot and guess who else decided on Breakfast at the orange and white stripes? Make Promises Happen group, that is who.

I look forward to their visit every year. This year they are staying in Port 'A' at the Best Western.

A little music with the presentation.

The leaning towers group.

Best in mermaid class.

But is it art?

Met this group a bit after 1 pm at Beach Marker 39. These people were ready to learn. When I drove off one the family found her way to the water table and started practicing her stacks. May your sand stand!

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