Thursday, July 24, 2014


Sun, Sand, and Surf Camp

On my way to the camp I saw some of my sand friends having fun in the sand at Beach Cinnamon Shore.

Then to Mustang Towers and Sun, Sand and Surf Camp.

We started with a Sea Serpent head and a tail. The campers had to make the humps.

Silly face time.

Great day in the sand. Thanks for the hot dogs and the smores. Happy camping.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A Full Day of Towers.

Started at 8 a.m. at one of my favorite spots, Beach Marker 222, Whitecap Beach.

 These students were very creative and lots of fun. Great way to start the day.

Then to Sandcastle Condominiums and a second lesson with these awesome students.

Thank you for the fun castle. Great job "my ladies".

Then great fun at Cinnamon Shore Beach. This was the place to be.

Sand-castle smiles.

Photo bomb!

 Have a heart...a sandy heart....

Hooked on castles.

Second lesson for these students. Way to go, nice stacks.

Then to Beach Marker 12 and some students from my early lesson days. Great fun. 

Sand people. 

Wow, towers all over the island.

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