Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Smiles on the Island

Got sand on my camera lens and it smudge the pictures a bit today. Ratz! Well cleaned it up for tomorrow's lessons.

First lesson of the day at Coral Cay and a family from Oklahoma. Love the Oklahoman visitors; they make the best beach people. I think they need a beach of their own in that state.

Cinnamon Shore and lots of fun.

This was a cute family that had lots of fun building sandcastles and just hanging out in the beautiful water today.

This guy gets an award for being the most polite kid on the beach. Nice job on your castle.

These girls went big because they didn't want to go home.

Another shot of this family. Such a fun group.

This student stayed with me all day. So cool.

These two brought their Aunt down to join in on the fun. These two were out on Monday and such a smart group of kids. The young girl remembered the whole science behind getting the sand to stick together. Thanks for the fun.

These two have had lessons with me before. Wow, great job, great towers.

Mustang Towers and a really fun group. These students were all about the beach. I get the feeling they would have fun anywhere as long as they were together.

Great day in the sand.

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