Saturday, April 25, 2015


Texas SandFest Today

This was the start of the condominium. It collapsed after taking the final form down.

My assistant Aubrey is a very talented artist. This is our plan 'B': Condocastle.

Mark and Aubrey

Emerson and Sandy Feet

Wilfred Stiljger and Edith van de Wtering

Christy Atkinson

Amazing Walter McDonald

Abe Waterman

Morgan Rudloff

Jeff and Ky Terrell

Carl Jara

Bill Dow

Delayne Corbett

Jeff Strong

Greg J. Grady

Damon Langlois

Brian Wigglesworth

Bruce Waugh

Fred Mallett


Karl's What mouse.

Sand Potatoes.

This guy is really getting better. This had lots of arches, cutting through, detail. He get smoother every year. One of his best castles here.

Nice job.

Very nice first place solo sculpture.

This was another really nice piece. the wings and head came out great. Just didn't quite get finished with it. I saw her plans beforehand. Beautiful job.

Janelle Silva's distinctive style.

Loony Dunes.

Again, I really liked this one. He put a lot of detail in this in such a short time.

Ken Barnett with first place solo division.


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