Sunday, August 28, 2011


Tumbleweed Festival, Day Two.

This is a great festival. Balloon Guy, Stilt Guy, And now....


The Sandcastle Guy!

reGreat festival in Garden City, Kansas.


Saturday, August 27, 2011


Tumbleweed Festival

Friday night rain was a pleasant sight.

Sand not great but got to a great start. When the lessons started all work got trampled. Did get some lessons in but a few unescorted youths got carried away with the fun in the sand.

My neigbor.

This shaggy dog was getting lots of attention.

The rebuild.  Not the best castle or logo but, the people liked it and so did the Tumbleweed board.
Must of been the action figures that won them over.

Will finish tomorrow.
See Ya In The Sand....

Saturday, August 20, 2011


End Of Summer Fling.

Guys weekend at the beach produced this great castle.

The big Ta dahhhhhh:

The second lesson was a Port Royal Sandcastle.

Fun bunch of students, another great castle.

Just look at this fabulous new castle.

 This was a great family castle.
Lots happening in this castle.

Ta Dahhhhhhh.
The flip side, this student was very creative.

Another Port Royal Sandcastle.

This lesson was FUN!

Ta Dahhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks to all for a great day.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Super Fun Thursday.

Three of these students were celebrating a birthday at the beach.
A really great bunch of young people. You guys are fun to be with.

Very creative, they all got the stacking down perfect and carving was fantastic.

This castle made them jump for joy.

Thanks for the fun morning, you guys are great.

 The evening castle was a super fun Bob Hall Pier castle.
This family had the creative juices flowing.
Lots going on in this castle.

Ta Dahhhhhhhhh!
Lots of memories built today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Mustang Island Castles.

This family built a really great castle.
The island is great this week. Still people on the beach but lots of space.


The Ta Dahhhhhhh Shot.

This lesson was on Port Royal Beach.
Lots of Wizards and Watch towers. Great Job!

This group worked well as a team. Really great stackers and carvers. Thnks for inviting me to play in the sand. Taaa Daaaaaaahhhh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Tuesday Was A Fun Day In The Sun

A second lesson for this group. They remembered a lot!
Very creative start to a very creative day.

Just look at these fabulous new towers!

 Second lesson was a Mom and Daughter team.
They did a great job. Lots going on in this castle.

Ta dahhhhhhhhhh.

This was a very exciting group. Lots going on in this castle and all around it as well. ;^)

This is a wild castle. Ta Dahhhhhh.

Thanks to all my students today. You all made my day.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Start The Week With Sandcastles.

Started the day at Sandpiper with a great family castle. Tall Towers...Big Smiles.

Ta Dahhhhhhh.

Water table castles on the Gulf Coast....good times.

This family was fun. All about bridges and tunnels for trains. Great family, thanks for inviting me to play in the sand.

Ta Dahhhhhhhhh.

Another really great family fun castle. These guys were all about fun on the beach. This is a group you want to hang out with at the beach.

Ta Dahhhhhhh.

Last lesson of the day was full of laughs and giggles.
West Texans discover water with their sand.

Ta dahhhhhhhh.

What a great day this has been.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Great Castles And Great Pictures

Started the morning with a watertable castle. These girls were lots of fun.
They were interested in everything that was happening on the beach, including the sandcastle.

Silly pose!
Now again for the flip side:

Four of five years ago a family from Elgin had a lesson with the Sandcastle Guy then about two years ago they brought a couple of Webelos dens for a lesson. This year they brought the Pack and the Troop for a large lesson.

Great group, lots of fun, awesome castle.


Ta Dahhhhhhhh.

This was a great family lesson. Ends up I am friends with some of their friends as well.

Small world, big sandcastles.


Ta Dahhhhhh.

 The evening lesson was a third lesson for the student on the left and a first for the other two students.

Ta Dahhhhhhhh.
Wanted to make sure I got this students tower on the blog as well.

Fun day in Port Aransas.

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