Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last Day In June, Fun Day.

This castle was done at Ave. G in Port Aransas. Grandmother planned a day learning to do sandcastles the Port Aransas, Texas way Ta Dahhhh:
Thanks for the Fun Day!!

Another group from the Aransas Princess. Mom's got in on this one just not in the picture.
Very creative. Just don't forget how to stack!!! ;^).

Thanks for the fun.
Silly face time....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Great morning at the Aransas Princess. Just look at these towers. Very creative and good at stacking too. silly face time......

The oldest girl made this one a real princess like watch tower.....

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sunday Afternoon Castles

Today I had two different groups both were excellent stackers, and very creative. Very fun and very good at the Silly face shot:

What a great family. The girls could stack and carve very well. OH Dad too!

Great silly face shot. Even had a fan step in the frame.

Thank you all for the fun time.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Great Lessons Today

First lesson of the day. Great family fun. The young girl on the left made a Rapunzel tower, complete with Rapunzel's hair trailing out of the window. Really great family! Thanks for the fun morning. Second lesson at the Port Royal Condominiums was a blast! Wanted to stay all day with these people. Check out the other posts for today and you will see why. They added a whole village to this castle after I left. Don't think they will go back to building sandcastles the way they use to.

Great ta dah shot:

Last castle of the day at La Mirage. Two towers got knocked down before the picture. The girl was very artistic and the oldest boy very talented with the bell towers.
Thanks for the great lesson.


Things I found on the beach today

This young blue heron was at marker 58 this morning....breakfast time!!!!! This was one of my lessons from yesterday that continued working today. Great job! Big smiles!
Thanks for the picture of your towers.

Border Burger at the Beach lodge


The Ride Home Today

My second lesson of the day must of worked all afternoon to create a castle village. This really made my day to see this on the way home. Great work Hogwartz Castle!!!

This was my first lesson of the day. Still standing.......

Friday, June 26, 2009


Let Them Build Castles

This group had a first lesson last year. Sandcastle at the Sanndcastle condominiums. I really enjoy playing in the sand with this group very creative. Not afraid to push the limits of sand. Hope I see more of their work tomorrow. Silly face time:
Great family. This castle was built on the beach at Port Royal Condominiums.
Ready for a Castle.

Ta Dahhhhhhh:


Let Them Build Castles

The last castle of the day. Just look at these towers. Very talented sculptors. Still carving after I drove off. Thanks for the fun on the beach!
O.K. Silly Face Time:

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Another Beautiful Day

This group drew quite the crowd with their many towers.... Ta Dahhhh shot:

4p.m. castle at marker 39. Beautiful day on Mustang Island.
Thanks for the fun folks.......

Howdy! kinda says it all. Saw this on my way home today and wondered if it was from my Rice University friends from last summer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sandcastle Fun

This was a fun lesson at marker 39. Early morning construction crew. Ta Dahhhh

Sandrum.com for the fun of it.

Evening castle at Ave. G and the beach at sunset. This group stayed at the Laughing Horse Lodge and all fingers pointed to a Sandcastle lesson this vacation. Popsicle Toes helped point the way as well.

Ta Dahhhhh:

Thanks for the fun day in Port A

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Beautiful Day

This group was part of a Travel camp from both San Antonio and Austin. Great Castle gang! Ta Dahhhhhhh

The second crew had an afternoon castle......

Ta Dahhhhh

This family learned a better way to build sandcastles today. Also Turtles and Starfishes. They stayed at La Mirage Condominiums
Thanks for the Fun time!!!!


Beautiful Day

My first group this morning were witness to a surfer rescuing a sea turtle. The turtle was ill and the surfer knew to have his buddy call the ARK (Animal Recovery Keep).

Ship coming out of the Port Aransas Channel.

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